01 August 2011

Retirement - Day 20: Just another day in paradise!

Actually, it's just another perfectly awesome day at home. The temperature today was about 67°F this morning and it's about to reach today's high of 83°F. This is a photo I took a few minutes ago of the view from the front porch. We've got a nice breeze blowing and we'll probably get a nice rain shower this afternoon. Is this perfection, or what?

The hummingbirds have finally discovered the feeders we've hung up for them. This morning we had the typical Tico breakfast on the porch and enjoyed watching the hummers establish the pecking order.

Yesterday, we met with our builder to finalize the design of the rancho we are going to build (this is our outdoor kitchen/bbq/patio.) We hope to get the construction started in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, we are going to start picking out tile and fixtures. As part of the design for the rancho, we plan to build a brick oven for stone baking my sourdough breads and John's wonderful pizzas.

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