09 August 2011

Retirement - Day 28: We've got baby geckos hatching and fresh dairy!

Everyday we have been checking the gecko nest and this morning we found a couple of the eggs hatched. One little guy didn't make it, but the other one was resting on the back wall of the deadbolt cavity. Now, if the remaining 6 would just get busy and break out of their shells, we could lock the gate again. Besides, we need them to move out of there and start cutting down on the local insect population.

We made another discovery in the neighborhood today. Every morning around 6 or 6:30 AM, we hear a vehicle out on the street that always sounds it's Italian motor horn. We had assumed it was a mini student bus, picking up the kids for school. Wrong! Today, when John walked the trash bag out to the street, guess who came along? Yep, a little truck with the driver tooting his Italian motor horn. Out come all of our neighbors, with cash in hand, to buy milk & sour cream, fresh from the dairy, and "bollos de pan" (fresh bread.)

I was so happy to see this custom is still alive and well. When I lived here in the 70's this was how our daily bread and milk was delivered. How long has it been since the milkman came to your house?


  1. **sad face** so jealous.
    My friend in Colorado has a milkman. Delivers eggs, milk, ice cream and cheese. JEALOUS I say!!