28 July 2011

Retirement - Day 16: Mayan Banana Bread

We went to the feria (farmers' market) last weekend and bought more bananas than we could possibly consume in a week. What can you do with 7 overripe bananas and no oven?

All our stuff, including my combo microwave/convection oven and the gas range are in the sea container we expect to be delivered around August 12th.

This doesn't help with the ripe banana situation today! So, I decided to try making banana bread in my electric skillet. I used my Mayan Banana Bread recipe and instead of using a loaf pan, I just poured the batter in the preheated skillet and baked it for 50 minutes @ 275° F. As expected, it did not brown on top, but the sides and bottom came out nicely toasted. The bread is perfectly moist and delicious.

I think I'll serve it with some fresh natilla (sour cream) and French pressed coffee this afternoon.


  1. Other use for ripe banana: banana "ice cream." Puree those bad boys up, pop it in the freezer and once solid it will have the consistency/mouth feel of ice cream. It's creepy cool. Sprinkle some cinnamon and walnuts on top and you think you're having a sinfully delicious ice cream treat when it's actually all healthy. Don't tell Dad it's healthy stuff!

  2. Yum! What a great idea!!

  3. I must have been out of it when i posted that. You must freeze the bananas FIRST, then puree them. Dur, Mary.