17 July 2011

Retirement +5 days: Enjoying ourselves and expanding the family

It's been 5 days since we arrived and we have been on the go since we got here. We finally got to meet some new friends we have been exchanging emails with for months. They are from Kentucky and retired to Atenas a couple of week before we did. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together and finally put some faces with the names. We hope to get together frequently.

This past week, we've had lots of miscellaneous business matters to take care of; paying for trash pickup, paying our annual property taxes (they were due back in January,) and getting a new P.O. Box (the physical address is a little complicated.)

We also expanded our little family by adopting a little brother for Randy.

We've named him Gus. He is a mini-pin/terrier mix, about 9 or 10 months old. He was rescued from the highway 10 weeks ago. Ever since we brought him home, he and Randy have been romping through the yard and the casita, barking at anyone, or anything that moves.

We heard from our shipping company and our 40' sea container should be here by August 12th. Now we have to put some flooring in the attic of the casita so we will have enough room to store all our stuff until the we build the house. We met with friends today that will be here tomorrow morning to help us build out the attic.

Before we build the house, we want to build a "ranchito" so we will have a large area for socializing with an outdoor kitchen and barbeque. John started working on the drawings for it today and hopefully we can get started on it very soon.

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