27 April 2016

Rancho Improvement Project

We enjoy our outdoor living space in the Rancho all year long, but there are days when our spacious Rancho can get pretty warm in the afternoons.

On hot days we turn up the fans, and John sprays the roof for several minutes with cold water from the garden hose. This technique drops the temperature for an hour or two.

The roof is constructed with steel beams and color-coated corrugated metal roofing sheets that are made to resemble clay tile. During a rainstorm it sounds just like rain on a tin roof, and when the storm is intense, it is almost impossible to hear a conversation at the dinner table.

We decided to insulate the Rancho's ceiling with an infrared barrier using reflective polyethylene insulation. This should reduce the temperature and the sound of the rain significantly. Once this is in place we will install the pvc laminated ceiling panels pictured here.

The work will begin tomorrow and the contractor expects the job will be finished in a week. We'll post an update with photos of the finished project soon.


  1. Well speaking as a frequent guest; thank you for making one of my favorite places on earth even better!!

    David and Norma Jean

  2. nice your artikel, good work