03 May 2012

Casa Construction Update - New brick pavers

The construction team started laying our concrete brick pavers this week. The pavers are going all the way around the house, under the eaves, the carport, and our terraza. We are really pleased with the overall look and the upkeep will be a breeze. The splash over from this afternoon's rain is clearly visible on the bricks in this photo.

We drove into San José today to pick up a very nice humidifier we found on Craig's List. We plan to keep it in our new walk-in closet to reduce the possibility of mold and mildew in the rainy season.

Last week we started looking for a new refrigerator for the Casa, to replace the side-by-side we sold with the Houston house. We found a nice one at PriceSmart (Costa Rica's Costco), but before we dropped some major bucks on it, we wanted to check out Consumer Reports . It turns out it had a much lower rating than we had hoped. So, after lunch today, we went to a local appliance store here in Atenas. We lucked out! They had the much higher rated Samsung on sale at an even better price than the Frigidaire we saw at PriceSmart. We are now the proud owners of a 26 cubic foot side-by-side, with an ice maker and water dispenser in the freezer door. The refrigerator was delivered this afternoon and for now, we have parked it in the spare bedroom.

In other news, we are still waiting on electricity because the power cables haven't been strung on the new poles. That was supposed to happen last week. We are also still waiting on doors so we can secure the house. In the meantime, John is still sleeping with the dogs in the new Casa to deter any crimes of opportunity. The doors were supported to happen last week too. No word on the kitchen or bathroom cabinets yet.

The good news is that the toilets were installed today and only one of them leaks. We also discovered a hot water line was not installed for the twin sinks in the master bath. Rodolfo promised he would take care of it right away. Apparently we missed this error when we reviewed the plans prepared by our Civil Engineer. We can't install any of the sinks until the cabinets are installed, so we have time to fix this. At this rate, we may not make our target move in date of May 15th. :(

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  1. I love the pavers. So cheerful and different. I also lived in Houston (The Woodlads) for seven years and well remember what sudden rain does there...