25 April 2011

Packing and Geocaching

What a great weekend! We went bike riding for about 10 miles along Buffalo Bayou in Tracey Hershey Park. We took our time and made frequent stops to hunt for hidden geocache sites in the woods along the bayou. I actually startled a little brown bunny in the brush, who must have been getting an early start hiding his Easter Eggs.

Saturday we packed up everything in the kitchen that I think we can live without until we get settled in Costa Rica. Later in the evening, we went to a dinner party to celebrate our friend Susan's birthday. The conversation turned to our geocaching adventure the day before and a couple of the party guests became very intrigued with our hobby. We agreed to meet with them and introduce them geocaching. Instead of an Easter Egg Hunt, we spend a couple hours with Tammy and Danielle teaching them the techniques and tools of a geocacher. They're hooked and they are already making plans to go with us again in 3 weeks.

We will be meeting with the realtor later today and putting the house up for sale. We spent a good part of the weekend staging rooms for showing to potential buyers and packing more of our stuff for the move. We keep moving stuff into the garage and it is getting hard to move around all the boxes we've crammed in there. I sure hope a 40' sea container is going to be big enough to hold everything we plan on taking with us.

Donald and Wendy drove over from Alabama a couple of weeks ago and loaded up a U-Haul truck full of furniture and stuff as part of our down-sizing project. It was great to spend time with them.

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