10 March 2012

L'ime not giving up..

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... or, the little lime tree that refused to die!

Two years ago we planted all sorts of fruit trees in the hopes having fresh fruit available to us when we retired. Little did we know that the construction of the Rancho, the Bodega, and later the Casa, would require us to move so many of the trees. This one little creole lime had to be transplanted THREE times, because it was always in the way of some construction effort. Then, to add insult to injury, our adopted dog, Gustavo, has managed to dig down to the lime's roots more times than we can count.

Every time we transplanted the tree, she dropped all her leaves and we figured she was a goner. Then a week or two after a transplant, we'd start to see new life in the form of bright green leaves. This last time we must have found her sweet spot in the garden! Not only did our little lime drop all her leaves, she turned right around and sprouted new leaves with hundreds of blooms. These blooms have since produced an unbelievable harvest of some of the best creole limes we ever tasted. They may even be better than the Key limes of Florida.

John has since placed landscaping rocks around the base of the tree to prevent Gus from attacking the roots again and I'm collecting limes that have fallen to the ground to make a Creole Lime Pie and enjoy a cold Lime & Coke.

¡Pura Vida!

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