07 January 2012

179: Baking bread in our stone oven

I finally got a sourdough starter I can work with, but the first loaf we baked in the range oven turned out way too dense for our liking. So, we let the starter mature for several days and today we decided the starter was ready for a real test.

John fired up the stone oven to well over 500°F. and we baked the first loaf you see here. This is a definite improvement and the flavor is right on the mark... San Francisco aroma and taste all the way! We've still need to get used to baking this way and find the optimum temperature for our stone oven to give us the very best baked bread results.

Now it's time to go slice some of this bread and load it up with the sliced brisket John grilled today. Needless to say, we'll be topping the sandwich with some of his wonderful Texas Barbeque Sauce, pickles, onions and jalapeño peppers. Yum!!

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