03 January 2012

176: Casa Construction Update

Happy New Year everyone! We wish you the very best of everything in 2012 and always. Christmas and New Years was very quiet for us this year. We had to stick close to home to oversee the construction material to make sure it didn't grow legs when no one was watching. We live in a quiet Tico neighborhood, but one never knows if stacks of our pre-paid concrete blocks and bags of cement would come in handy for someone else's construction project.

It has been over a month since we posted an update on the construction of our new Casa. The house has now gone from a jungle of re-bar and concrete footings to something that actually looks like a house. Quite a transformation in just a month!

I'm going to post a series of photos and try to describe the room and the view, so bear with me.

This is the front entryway.

This is a side view of the front entryway and spare bedroom window from the Northeast corner.

This is the kitchen door on the North side of the house.

This is the doorway to the master bedroom from the great room.

This is the hallway from the master bedroom to the master bath.

This is the nook/office as viewed from the great room. It will have French window pane doors.

Here is Mauricio standing in the window of the guest bathroom at the Northeast corner.

Another view of the Northeast corner of the house to give some perspective.

More steel for columns on the South side of the house, with the bodega in the background.

View of the Kitchen from the great room.

View looking South to Atenas from the master bedroom.

Rodolfo and Pato preparing steel for the support columns

The Southwest corner of the terraza outside the master bedroom.

A view from the Southeast corner of the terraza to the master bedroom.

The weather has been beautiful and this has helped the construction team stay on schedule. We anticipate the casa will be completed by May, and we'll finally be able to unpack all the stuff we have crammed in the garage and attic. You have no idea how cumbersome it has been living in our little 300 square foot space with no place to put anything. We are always in each others way for one reason or another. Just imagine 2 adults trying to make coffee and breakfast within 6 square feet of counter space. It can be very comical at times. We've got a pretty good rhythm going now, but it's a good thing we are so in love with each other.

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