26 September 2011

Day 77: El Rancho has a roof, water and counters!

We got lucky today... no rain all day! The crew finished painting all the support beams and almost finished with the roof. We now have an L-shaped counter poured in concrete that you see on the back wall to the right. We plan to have stools on both sides of the counter.

The guys also finished installing the water lines. We now have water in the bathroom, kitchen sink and outdoor shower. Tomorrow they will pour the other two counter tops along the back walls where the sink and outdoor stove will be located. All of the counter tops and back splash areas will then be tiled.

Over the weekend we went on a shopping spree and bought the counter tile, lighting and bathroom fixtures. We are really getting excited about how everything is finally coming together. Here is a photo of the view you can expect to see from the Rancho.

John left this morning for a quick trip to Texas to pick up some of the certified and notarized documents he will need for his residency application. So, here I am, missing my guy, surfing on the internet and blogging for all our followers. He will be back in 4 days and in the meantime I'm left supervising the construction crew.

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