10 September 2011

Day 60: The Rancho Construction and Residency

The rancho construction is coming along nicely. After a long hard week, the construction crew took the day off today. Monday, they will be back to tie the lines into the septic tank. Now that all the support beams and headers have been poured, they are ready to start on the roof and floor. We've already picked out the tile for the floor in the rancho and in the bathroom.

They installed decorative cement block vents along the top edge of the bathroom walls and this week the glass blocks you see here will be installed. The glass block window will measure about 3'x3'. Since the windows faces to the east, it should provide a substantial amount of light in the bathroom.

The crew staked out the shape of the rancho's floor and removed all of the sod. Now we can really get an idea of it's size and this rancho is going to be much bigger than we had originally envisioned. What a great place this will be to socialize with family and friends. I can't wait to host a party!

On another topic, I received some great news this past Thursday. The Republic of Costa Rica has made a final resolution in my residency case and I have been approved for permanent residency based on family linkage: A 1st degree relative of a Costa Rica citizen (my adult children.) For those of you in the United States, this is the equivalent of being granted a Green Card. In the next few days, I will need to pays some fees to Migracíon and join CAJA (Costa Rica's socialized medical program). Then they will give me an appointment to get my Cedula (national identity carnet)

Now that I've been approved, the next step is to apply for John's residency. He will be traveling back to the U.S. in a couple of weeks to gather all the certified documents he needs to submit his application.

It is so nice to no longer be considered a tourist in Costa Rica!


  1. Good lord! That is huge! Will you be holding revivals/concerts/dances/political conventions? :-)

  2. Except for the political conventions, probably all of the above.

  3. Looking great -- Nancy and I check your progress every week. Ron