02 October 2010

Homemade Sausage

One of the things we may miss after we move to Costa Rica will be great sausage at the local supermarket. I bought a great book on sausage making and find there is no reason we can't make our own. This book has recipes from bratwurst to chorizo and everything in between.

Today, we gave it a try using the grinder attachment on my Viking mixer.

We made about 10 pounds of Chorizo and now it is hanging in our electric cooler to dry for about 24 hours.

We made some fresh pan sausage with this recipe for breakfast this morning and it was outstanding. After the stuffed sausage links have a chance to dry, we grill some tomorrow for dinner and we'll post the results.

3-Oct-10 Update: We had the chorizo with dinner tonight and it was terrific. We vacuum sealed the rest and froze it for later. Now we have to plan the recipe for our next experiment. I'm leaning toward something with gound turkey. Click on Chorizo to see our recipe.


  1. We don't make sausage ourselves (yet) but Sharon Wallace (one of the CRL moderators) makes wonderful sausage here, so I know it can be done! When are you moving to CR, and have you picked a location yet?

    Jim, Santa Rosa de Poás, Alajuela

  2. Looks delicious! My friends and I bought a grinder and stuffing attachment last April and made 25 lbs of Polish sausage. We're going for round 2 in a few week and are deciding whether to try italian, andouille, or some chorizo.

  3. Scott, I do believe I remember your Mom making some Polish sausage when we were younger (if I'm not mistaken).

    How much of that Chorizo is left and when can I come and sample it?!

  4. We still have 2-3 pounds in the freezer. We'll be sure and save some for you.

  5. Great idea! I miss the sausage from the states... for myself I prefer deer sausage. You are going to do turkey next!?!? I would love to hear about how that goes:)
    We enjoy your posts over here at Costa Rica Rental Properties. Thanks for the great entertainment. Pura Vida!

  6. John you Look GREAT!
    Dave Hustad