30 March 2008

Construction Progress Report #4

Here are a few photos of our casita. On the left side you can see the garage opening. To the right is the covered porch with the opening for the front door. There will be two windows on either side of the door. On the right wall, toward the back, you can see the bedroom window that faces the soccer field.

This picture is looking from the kitchen to the bedroom in the back. You can see part of the kitchen counter on the right and the bathroom wall on the left. We are installing an "on-demand" hot water tank so will have hot water for the bathroom sink, shower, kitchen and washing machine. Most typical Costa Rican homes only have hot water in the bathroom for the Suicide Shower (read this post from November '07 for more info)

This is the view inside the garage. Here you can see the crew floating the garage floor. On the right side you can see the doorway into the living room. There will be a double utility sink next to the door with room for a washer and dryer.

We will have A/C in the bedroom and ceiling fans in the bedroom and living room. We are installing tile floors throughout so it will be easy to keep clean.

We are not going to put a stove in the apartment since this will eventually be the guest quarters. We will have a full kitchen in the big house when we build it. We have planned for plenty of electrical outlets with the appropriate amperage to power a microwave, electric skillet and two burner hot plate. One of the goals for the July trip will include the purchase a small refrigerator and some furniture.

We have already started to accumulate a lot of stuff (towels, sheets, kitchen wares, etc.) which we will be taking down with us in July. We also hope we can pick up a used washer & dryer for a reasonable price.

More later...

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  1. Looking good -- Nancy and I are keeping track of your progress -- sure you can wait another1164 days?
    Ron & Nancy