01 April 2014

Goose Goes Shopping

Almost lost The Goose tonight.

HRH Gustavo -- The Goose

We (the people) and the dogs all went for a ride so that I could drop off a flat tire for repair and then go to the grocery store. At the tire repair shop, I opened the rear hatch and helped the repairman lift the tire/wheel out and then followed him to show him the spot where the leak was. Didn't notice that after I'd turned my back, Goose jumped out and ran for it.

Since the repair was going to take a few minutes, I decided to go do the grocery shopping. I got back to the car, closed the hatch, got in, started 'er up and backed out. As we reached the street, Randy, The Jack Russell Terrorist, began barking like a maniac. Pat told him to calm down. I looked in the mirror and saw a small black dog run past the side of the car. "Oh, there's a dog out there. That's why he's barking," I said. I was only partly correct.

We drove down the hill to the grocery, did our business, then drove back up the hill to the tire repair shop.

I parked inside the shop and opened my door to get out. There was Goose jumping up and down with his usual stupid-happy look on his face, probably saying, "Hey Dad -- Hi Dad -- Isn't this fun Dad?" Whereupon he lept over my legs, hit the center console once, made a sharp right turn into the back seat and promptly engaged in a sporty fight with Randy.

Pat and I just looked at each other.

Then it hit me what had happened. The little brat had gone "walk-about" and when he saw us leaving, he wasn't trying to get back to the car to get inside (when he dashed by and Randy was barking). No. He was pulling his usual act where he runs and hides until the car or the "search party" (me) has passed by so that he can come out and frolic some more, out on the loose.

We apparently took long enough with the grocery shopping so that when he saw us come back to the repair shop he figured that there wasn't anything very interesting to be seen among all of those shops and concrete, so, "What the heck, I might as well get back in the car."

We got lucky.

Imagine if we had gotten all the way home and then opened the back car doors to let Da Boyz out in the yard.

"WHERE'S GOOSE?!?" A really interesting scene would have followed.

That danged mutt.

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