08 March 2014

The Sweetest Little Pineapple Ever!

Sometime in late 2012, we bought a delicious pineapple at the local farmers' market. After we enjoyed the fruit, I decided to see if I could actually grow a pineapple, so I stuck the crown in a pot full of good potting soil and set it out on our Terraza just to see what would happen. This past November it bloomed.

We've been carefully watching this little baby because we've been warned that the iguanas love to eat them as soon as they get ripe.
As you can see in the photo, the fruit was really coming along by the end of December.

Today was the day! Our totally organic, homegrown, fully ripened pineapple was picked, measured and consumed.

The fruit topped out at just over 18" with the crown, and a circumference of 14". Once I removed the crown it was slightly over 6" tall.

I trimmed it into 8 wedges and John and I enjoyed one of the sweetest pineapples we have ever eaten.

I think I'm going to plant this little crown too and see what happens next year. Who knows, I may be planting pineapple crowns all over the garden and harvesting our own little crop in the future.

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. cool, good to know, thanks for the info and pictures.