27 November 2013

Update on the new license plates

Success! After 4 failed attempts, we were finally able to place the order for the new license plates for the Subaru at our local Post Office yesterday. We made our first attempt on November 4th, and you can read the humorous tale here: Why are retired folks so darn busy?

After the ticket fine had been paid, we made three more attempts to order the plates; on the 5th, the 12th and finally on the 14th. I think the clerk at the Post Office was finally as frustrated as we were, because he said he would contact someone he knew at the Civil Registry to get to the bottom of it. The clerk said he would call us when the problem was resolved. So, we let the matter drop and waited for a phone call that never came.

Yesterday, we dropped by the Post Office to pick up our mail and check on the status of the license plate order. Low and behold, the red flag saying we had unpaid tickets no longer appeared onscreen and we were actually able to order our new plates. We paid the equivalent of $41.50 USD and walked out with a receipt. The clerk said he would call us next week when our plates arrive. Just in case he forgets to call, I think we will stop by at the end of next week, and trade out the old plates for the new ones.

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