03 April 2012

Construction halted for Semana Santa

Costa Rica is predominately a Catholic country, and as a result everything comes to a screeching halt for Semana Santa (Holy Week.) Our construction crew just left for a few days of reverence for Holy Week and Easter Sunday. They will be back from their mini-vacation next Monday.

The boys really got a jump on a number of things in just 2 days and I love seeing some of the finishing touches being applied to the Casa. Here we have a photo of the outdoor housing for the LP gas tanks. Since we had clay roofing tiles left over, they decided an awning would look really great and tie in nicely with the roof.

Mario got started on the tile for the shower in the guest bathroom.

We will be installing glass blocks with a water bubble pattern above the wall on the left and we think it will be gorgeous when it's all finished.

John and I spent this morning pouring over paint chips and we've now decided on all the paint colors we're going to use for the exterior and interior of the house. Lucky for us, one of our suppliers is having a sale that ends tomorrow, on Sherwin Williams paint. They have agreed to honor the sales price for us, even though they can't get all the paint ready for pick up tomorrow, due to Semana Santa.

As we mentioned a couple of days ago, John has come up with a great wrought iron design for our new driveway gate, windows and stairway railing. Eliécer and Rodolfo reviewed it with us today and plan to start work on all of it offsite, where they have a workshop setup for iron work. That keeps the welder out of our carport so they can get started on the concrete pavers next week.

Next week we should have a lot happening and we'll be able to post more photos showing our progress.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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