07 March 2011

Countdown to Retirement: 100 Days to go!

Hard to believe John will finally retire in just 100 days. I received my first Social Security Retirement Benefit payment last month. I haven't worked (except around the house) in more than 2 years, but now I'm officially retired and getting paid for it. John submitted his application for Social Security Benefits today and it should become effective in July.

This past month we finished fixing up the inside of the house. Wallpaper has been pealed off the walls, sheet rock has been repaired, ceiling damage has been fixed from the water pipe break we had last summer, and all the rooms have a fresh coat of paint. This afternoon John replaced all the old door knobs on all the bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. Now, if I can just get him to fix the spot light over the kitchen sink, we'll be done indoors. The inside of the house really looks great and I think a potential buyer will be pleased with all the nice touches we have added.

This week, work will start on the outside. We have some minor stuff to fix outside, then everything will be power washed. We removed a 50' pine tree from the front yard that had finally succumbed to disease and now we will get started on some landscaping to improve the curb appeal.

In the middle of all of this, we are also trying to cull through stuff, packing what we can and setting aside what will be going to the kids. Then, there is all the stuff that will either to donated or trashed. It amazing how much stuff you can get rid of, stuff we really don't need, when you make up your mind to downsize.

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