17 July 2008

We are back from our trip to Costa Rica

We just got back from almost two weeks in Costa Rica where we spent most of our time making our new apartment and garage livable. It is now comfortably furnished and we are looking forward to using the "casita" as our vacation home until we retire. Then we will live there while the "bigger" house is built. We have some very funny and a couple of scary stories to share with you. We will post them later when we've had a chance to write them all down.

Jenny came down from California to spend some time with us while we were there and she intends to stay for awhile to take more Spanish classes.

We still have some finishing touches we plan to address on our next trip. But, all in all, it's already pretty comfy. We already have a cell phone and land line. The land line was installed 4 days after we paid our deposit. We understand this is some sort of record for I.C.E., but we're not complaining.

We need to do some landscaping, build a proper fence, plant fruit trees and get an internet connection. We will probably get a television too, but this is not a place where we plan to spend much time watching TV.

More later...

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