17 October 2007

We'll be in Costa Rica after Thanksgiving...

We have finalized our plans for a week's vacation in Costa Rica after the Thanksgiving holiday. While we are there we will spend some time with our good friends in Alajuela and spend a couple of days in Atenas at Ana's Place. Here's hoping the rains will end by then and we'll be able to enjoy sunny days and clear starry nights.

We have some business to take care of with our attorney and we're ready to get the construction started on our property in Atenas. John is still working on floor plan samples for our builder. Carolina will hire someone (as soon as there is a break in the weather) to cut all the weeds on the property for us. Our builder is currently working on getting the soil samples so he can get the building permits from the city. He will also make the arrangements for electricity, water and sewer connections.

We are hoping to start construction in early January and have it finished before the rainy season starts in April. It will sure be nice to have our own place to stay at when we are in CR and I know the rest of the family will enjoy it for vacations as well.

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