22 September 2007


The other day, I saw some Tiger Repellant Spray on sale at the hardware store. I bought it and brought it home. Later, I sprayed it all over my back yard. Ever since then, there have been zero tigers in my Houston, TX., back yard. This proves that the Tiger Spray is an effective repellant of tigers.
An Old Story

Last week, there was an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show dealing with autism. Oprah's guest brought up the topic of infants and the Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR) vaccine. The drift of the show was that there are sufficient grounds for worry about the MMR vaccine causing autism that parents should not allow their children to receive this vaccine.

Looking into the available, professional, published literature, from a large number of trustworthy and peer-reviewed sources, this fear appears to be scientifically groundless.

There are many amateurs and lawyers out in the world that are doggedly pursuing this issue but none that I can find have any proper science on their side.

Measles, mumps and rubella are all serious childhood illnesses. Fear of MMR, creating a wave of parents refusing the inoculation, caused an outbreak of rubella in the U.K. this summer that had multiple fatalities. It doesn’t seem like the risk of getting these diseases is outweighed by any evidence of MMR dangers – in fact, there is “no contest.”


I do take issue with the preservative still used in a few vaccines that might be injected into your children (and you.) The chemical in question is usually called thimerosal which is (unbelievably) the scientific name for Merthiolate – the antiseptic banned from over-the-counter uses in 1990. Thimerosal was formerly used in the MMR vaccine and there was some inconclusive investigation that it was thimerosal, and not the MMR vaccine, that was causing autism. After looking into this angle, I’m going to say, “Probably not,” but I sure don’t like thimerosal for other reasons.

As you can see from the following link, the U.S. government has pretty much decided that thimerosal is safe and not that bad; but, then they’ve simultaneously pushed to have it removed from most children’s vaccines. Huh?


I’m going with my own interpretation. Thimerosal is a super-poisonous mercury salt. Mercury is bad in your system. Nobody REALLY knows what mercury might trigger nor do they know what human conditions or weaknesses might be particularly susceptible to mercury’s actions. So, a). bad shit; b). unknown dangers; c). give it to infants?


Bottom line -- I’m not concerned about the MMR vaccine, as long as it is a modern batch that does not contain thimerosal.

And, I’m going to ask any doctor about to inject flu vaccine or hepatitis vaccines to certify that they do not contain thimerosal (many of those still do.)

Isn’t it amazing how little we know about things, even in 2007?

Have a pleasant day.


  1. I'm sure you already read the new report out on the study researching the link between MMR and brain dysfunctions (non found). I had emailed your email to my mommy friends and got a scathing (sadly uninformed) response from one. I sure hope these nutzos don't lead us into an MMR epidemic like what had happened in Europe. Bunch of seven-stir-pudding-brains if you ask me.

  2. There is and has not been an epidemic of MMR(sic) in Europe.

    It's a little early to determine which "studies" are useful. The gov't has not been proactive in this debate.

    My 14 year old has ASD. We are convinced- due to family metal issues - that mercury(thimerasol) has been a major factor in the lads problems.

    It would be no surprise to me to learn that the sheer number of vaccines overloads the immune system of some children. Our yoounger son has received his vaccines. We have though, spaced them out a little, and made sure that no thimerasol was in them.

    Some vaccines are still made with thimerasol -- it is then chelated out. The flu shot still contains thimerasol.

    My feelings will not be hurt if the reasons for My son's ASD are found to be other than vaccine and/or mercury related. At this point our gov't has not been helpful in making any causal dtermination - in fact the opposite is true.