11 July 2007

Greta's Leg Amputation - 2 days after surgery

We picked Greta up from the hospital yesterday afternoon and it has been rough on all of us. She hasn't stopped whimpering. I cuddled her most of the night, and it seemed to have helped some. The vet put her on the fentanyl patch that comes off in a few days. She is also taking an anti-inflammatory pill once a day. I'm concerned that she refuses to eat anything. She is drinking water and she has actually gotten up and walked on her own a few time. I wonder if the whimpering is a side effect of the drugs, or is she really in a great deal of pain. I have confined our other 2 dogs to the kitchen and I'm keeping Greta with me in my office until she gets to feeling better.

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  1. Would you mind providing an update of how Greta is doing since her amputation?

    Our 3 yr. old black lab Remi is facing a possible amputation due to a canerous nerve sheath tumor in his left rear leg. The vet previously removed a 2 lb. tumor on 12/21/07 and it has already partially grown back. We feel that we need to try to provide him with a chance to have a full and happy life and we believe this will be his only chance. I am not sure what to expect. I'm sure he will do fine with 3 legs, I just worry about what he will have to go through during recovery.

    Thank you for any info. you can share.