01 December 2006

The Decision

I spent several years in Costa Rica 30+ years ago and I took John to visit my wonderful extended Tico family this past month. John knew of my wish to someday retire in Costa Rica so he had approached this trip with an open mind. Once we arrived he quickly fell in love with both the people, and the country, just like I had so many years ago.

We discovered a member of my extended family had a lot for sale near the little mountain town of Atenas. As soon as John heard about it he said, "Buy it!" I made him wait at least until we had actually seen the property before writing a check. Once we saw the lot and the breathtaking 360° view of the surrounding hilltops, I pulled out the checkbook for him. These fotos below will give you a glimpse of our lot and the view, but they don't begin to do it justice. John was particularly pleased to see he was getting a 5-bar signal on his cell phone from the top of the neighboring hilltop.

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