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We are excited to announce we have added another service for our guests and readers. We have partnered with the largest and one of the most trusted rental car agencies in Costa Rica, Adobe Rent a Car! 

There are many rental car agencies in Costa Rica, including many of the worldwide companies. The biggest problem we have with most of the “other guys” is they never provide a true quote, and only disclose all the add-in fees when you show up to pick up the vehicle. Then they start with a “hard sell” technique to convince you you to buy extra insurance coverage. It doesn’t even matter if you have coverage via a credit card or “elite status” with the same rental car company. They think you don’t know any better. After all, you are in a foreign country, you don’t know local rules, and you’ll believe them. Every now and then you will get a pushy sales type threatening to NOT rent a vehicle to you unless you sign on the dotted line and buy all the “extras.” Plan on at least an hour to pick up your vehicle and get on the road. On the day you return the vehicle, allow a minimum of 45 minutes for these guys to comb over every inch of the rental and close out the invoice. That’s about two hours of your life you’ll never get back.

We hate to see visitors to Costa Rica exposed to the tactics we’ve described above. This is why our new partnership with Adobe Rent a Car is so exciting. Adobe is a Costa Rica owned company and has been operating in the country for 26 years. Adobe Rent a Car will provide you with the great customer service you expect; a new fleet every 24 months, an honest quote, no hidden fees, a special discounted rate, and 24/7 roadside assistance. You get all this when you book through us on “Mi Chunche.”

Price quote includes: 
  • Adobe rates are clear, with no hidden cost.
  • Basic mandatory insurance (covers liability 100%. Collision, thief and rollover coverage is included with a deductible of $1000). 
  • Taxes are included. 
  • Weekly rate is an estimate 6 days of rent and 7 days of basic protection. 
  • Additional insurance with a 0 deductible is $17 per day for all vehicle categories. 
  • Adobe does not accept credit card insurance. 
Car rental Requirements: 
  • Valid driver Licenses. 
  • Passport with ID. 
  • Minimum age to rent: 23 years old with at least 2 years driving experience. 
  • Required documents must be presented at the time of the vehicle rental.
Reserve your vehicle now at Adobe Rent A Car
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